Designer Bag Suppliers: Laptop Bag & Ipod Cases, Camera & Sports Bags

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Designer bag suppliers: Laptop bag & iPod Cases, Camera & Sports bags

Designer bag manufacturers, supplying exclusive laptop bag

& ipod cases. Stylish and functional designs for travel bag, camera & sports bag lifestyle, work & play. Everkistyle UK offers designer bags suitable for every lifestyle activity, including sports, outdoor orienteering, surfing, skiing, jogging, all tailored to suit.

When you choose a designer bag from Everkistyle uk you can be sure that every aspect has been considered in the manufacture to guarantee a product that will be stylish, versatile and long-lasting. Our top branded designs include: Core, Edge, Elite and Function. Dedicated research ensures your designer bag is built to be ergonomic, comfortable, distinctive, rugged, durable, practical, useful and secure.

Laptop Bag

Every laptop bag from Everkistyle is purpose-built to defend your expensive gadgets, laptops, MP3players, phones etc. A good laptop bag is essential for professionals who travel. Since the laptop bag is part of your trip it makes sense to choose one designed for safety & comfort whilst you travel.

Everkistyle UK incorporates all the necessary features to protect your equipment and includes all the handy features and styling options essential for a smart, reliable laptop bag.

iPod Cases

Everkistyle’s iPod cases are a must for protecting your equipment. Every iPod case in our range is designed to protect your iPod from all the elements.

Everki iPod cases are water-proof tested to 3 meters below sea level, allowing you to listen to your favorite music whilst beneath the waves, but please be aware in shark-infested waters!

Our iPod cases also protect from sand, dust, water and shock. A major benefit is the supporting strap that allows you to jog with your iPod strapped to your arm, don’t forget to watch for traffic though!

Everkistyle includes a set of waterproof headphones in all of its MP3 and iPod cases.

Travel Cases

Holiday travel cases need to withstand a multitude of conditions. Today travel is a major part of lifestyle. Only the strongest materials are used in the manufacture of Everkistyles travel cases, with lightweight, waterproof, maintainable, stylish durable ballistic nylon.

Everkistyle considers all aspects of safety and ease of handling, incorporating secure locking mechanisms and the need for wheels on our larger travel cases.

Camera Bag

Choosing a camera bag takes careful consideration. Camera bags require the ultimate protection of your equipment, whilst allowing you to take that quick snap without loosing a moment’s opportunity.

All Everki camera bag have been manufactured to consider this in every aspect of their design, combing safety with style. Using robust material protection, quality zips, straps and padded strapping, a range of colors, plus plenty of additional pockets for memory cards, hotshoe connectors and jackplug leads for that extra flash. Don’t forget the extra memory card to pop into your camera bag.

Sports Bag

A durable sports bag is essential to withstand the rigors of sporting activity. Whether it’s rugby, football, soccer, hockey, cricket, or gym training, there are sports bags of all sizes to suit.

Our designer sports bag features include wet compartments to protect dry items from wet swimwear and mesh detachable compartments for airing clothes. Our larger bags have a laptop compartment too. We have even included an easy access bottle compartment in the design of our Sports Bag.

Everkistyle supply bags for all lifestyle activities, whether it’s a laptop bag for work, ipod cases, a training sports bag, or travel bag/ camera bag for your holiday.

Get noticed with an Everkistyle Designer bag.

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