Formula One Season Comes Correct At Malaysian Grand Prix

April 6th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

The Formula One Season has started oddly in 2010 with the best team actually scoring very few points. The results in the Malaysian Grand Prix set this correct as Sebastian Vettel led Mark Webber to a 1-2 finish.

F1 is pretty predictable. Every season seems to start with one team being dominant. The team wins the first half dozen races or so while the others try to catch up. This eventually happens and the other teams then try to eat into the point lead built up by the others. This is exactly how Jenson Button and Brawn GP took the 2009 title.

The 2010 season has been a one off, however. Red Bull is clearly the fastest team, but had scored few points. Sebastian Vettel had suffered to mechanical failures from the front of the field while his erratic teammate, Mark Webber, had not performed well. Given this, Ferrari had pushed to the front with sheer reliability and pace.

The Malaysian Grand Prix seemed to finally set things straight with the field. Red Bull qualified first and third, but was first and second by the end of the first two corners. From there, it was just a walk in the park as McLaren and Ferrari sought to fight from the back of the field. Regardless, there is little doubt that the Red Bulls are blindingly fast and the class of the field if they can stay running.

The Malaysian race also is a picture into the future of the 2010 season. Red Bull seems to be curing its reliability problems. If it does, the season could become anticlimactic. There is no other team in the field that seems to have the same pace. Only Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari has been close during race conditions. Perhaps McLaren can make a big jump forward, but is seems doubtful at best. For all intensive purposes, the 2010 season appears to be one for the Red Bull.