Lakshadweep – Indian Water Sports Capital

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Lakshadweep is abundant in its bunch of islands. The mysterious Lakshadweep is the only destination which suits more for water sports. The islands of Lakshadweep have enchanted thousands of tourists. It appears that the islands of Lakshadweep were discovered from the deepness of the ocean. These islands are just only for tourists to take delight with the water sports. The soothing and cool milieu of Lakshadweep offer many escapades in water. You will be tempted by its deep blue lagoons. The waters of Lakshadweep are warm and tranquil, which has been proved to be a virtual heaven for all water escapades. Lakshadweep has umpteen training centers on many islands, which also provide skilled and trained guides for your safety. The most renowned and favored sports are scuba diving and snorkeling. The lagoons are pretty shallow, certain and easy for first time swimmers.

Water sports:


The most widely indulged escapade is Snorkeling is on Lakshadweep beaches. All the facilities are provided for snorkeling. You will be offered by the nature, where you will experience smooth waters and crystal clear water. Observe the coral life very closely. Islands like Kadamt and Bangaram are the best places to spend quality time in snorkeling.


There are not many destinations that provide all the facilities for surfing. An enthralling adventure, surfing is still in its nativity stage in India. Several places of Lakshadweep have become popular and developed for water sports including surfing. Surfing is performed on the island of Kadmat, the lagoons around this island are ideal for a safe surfing. Water is easily predicted here for surfing. Popular training centers of Kadmat and Kavaratti provide professional guides of surfing.

Water Skiing:

A surface water sport, water skiing is a recreational activity, take place on the islands of Agatti and Bangaram.

Scuba Diving:

If you want to spend quality vacation or holidays, better to move for diving. Scuba diving in Lakshadweep will let you experience the cool water and refreshing water. Scuba diving is indeed an exciting experience along with pristine water.The magical moments can be cherished by performing scuba diving in lagoons of Lakshadweep. Kadmat Island is the best option for scuba diving. It has a training institute that provides all the amenities with proper equipments.


An adventurous sport, Kayaking is done using a kayak for proceeding across water. You need to sit with the legs and hips inside the kayak hull, and are moved by hand-held paddles. Kayaking is performed on islands of Agatti and Bangaram Islands.

Best time: October to December is an ideal period for water sports in Lakshadweep.

Water sports emerging in Lakshadweep:

Huge lagoons of Lakshadweep have attracted many tourists all over the world. All the islands have come out as a water sport destination in the country. The department of Lakshadweep realized the potential of islands and hence it has become largely popular destination for water sports not only in India but also within country. Lakshadweep is the development of eminent affording adventure water sports like Para sailing and scuba diving etc. The main reason behind the popularity of Lakshadweep is its institute which offers all the amenities for canoeing, kayaking. Scuba diving centers are set on Kavaratti and Kadmat islands. These islands have emerged as superior scuba diving destinations to the adventure lovers and audacious holidaymakers.

By: Prashant Jainengg