Outdoor Sporting Activities In Cyprus

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Outdoor Sporting Activities In Cyprus

The diverse topography of Cyprus combined with glorious sunshine all year round creates a vast range of outdoor sporting activities to choose from. Being an island, water sports, including wind surfing, sailing, diving, canoing and fishing, are prime attractions. The rambling mountainside along with vast open areas provides opportunities galore for a variety of outdoor sports including mountain biking, horse riding and golfing.

Mountain Biking in Cyprus

Greece offers amateur as well as professional cyclists plenty of tarmac and gravel mountain- cycling routes that lead you into the herb and pine-scented Cyprus forests. Getting to the top of the mountains is a delightful journey in itself. Making it all the more pleasurable is the breathtaking view of the sparkling blue sea once you reach the top.

Sport Fishing in Cyprus

With a long tradition in fishing, Cyprus offers fishing enthusiasts an outstanding choice of fresh-water as well as salt-water fishing. 23 dams nestled amidst incredibly pristine surroundings offer you plenty of fresh water fishing opportunities where you can look forward to reeling in about 17 different species of fish including the Rainbow Trout, Tilapia, Tench, Largemouth Bass and Silver Bream. If salt-water fishing is more your thing, the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, with more than 80 different species of salt-water fish offers endless opportunities. Even better, you do not need a license for angling or trawling in the sea of if you are spear-fishing with no diving equipment. However licenses are required and certain restrictions apply for fishing with long-lines or nets and for spear-fishing with aqualungs.

Golfing in Cyprus

Crisp clean air, spectacular surroundings, brilliant sun shine and three lush golf courses; Cyprus offers you fantastic year-round golfing prospects.

Cyprus Marathon

Participate in the Cyprus Marathon for the ultimate in outdoor sporting action. Usually held around February or March every year, the 10 km Pafos Marathon attracts more than 500 participants from over 20 different countries.

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