Polish Sports

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The popular sports in Poland are both a source of recreation as well as tourist attractions. Amid the scenic beauty of Poland, the main sports are hiking, skiing, horseriding, swimming, and canoeing.

The Polish are ardent lovers of sports. There are many sports clubs and organizations that work to promote particular sports. They have a passion for football, and this is clearly visible in the number of football tournaments organized at the school, college, and club level. The roads are deserted whenever there is a broadcast of an important football match.

The fascination with sports can also be observed by the fact that Poland has been a venue for many of the international sporting events. Many of its athletes have won accolades, and the boxers Jerry Kulej and Zbigniew Pietrzykowski have won laurels at the Olympics. The famous Polish athlete, Adam Malysz, won the championship for ski-jumping in 2001. Poland also flaunts Irena Kirszenstein Szewinska, who won seven Olympic medals between 1964 and 1980.

Poland has gained international recognition for soccer and football. Speedboat and speedway racing are the other sports in which Poland has made its distinctive mark. Poland abounds in natural beauty, and there are many sports aligned to the abundance. The beauty of the outdoors doubles the excitement and enthralls tourists, drawing them to Poland in large numbers.

Hiking and skiing are popular sports, as the mountainous terrain serves as the ideal ground for the sports. The lakes in the northern part and the Baltic beaches are the popular locations for fishing, canoeing, and a number of the water sports. Sports in Poland are used to promote tourism, leading to the concept of travel sport. Sports form an integral part of the Polish lifestyle, contributing to the national prestige and the national economy.

By: Max Bellamy