Sports Card Collecting – The Fun Behind Sports Cards

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Sports Card Forums and Sports Cards are great ways to gain knowledge of your favorite players and follow sports. At one time Sports Cards trading was reserved for children on their bus rides to school. Now adults and children of all ages collect and trade, some making a large amount of cash. Currently there are modern sports cards that can sell in the upwards of $100,000. Sports Cards no include things such as Game Used Sports Cards, Autographs of past legends, and Sports Cards redeemable for Sports Memorabilia.

The key to collecting Sports Cards is to find something and focus on it. This may be collecting a certain set such as Topps or possibly collecting a certain players cards. My suggestion is to find a player that won’t be incredibly expensive but will have cards in many sports card sets. A good example is Brandon Roy Sports Cards. Brandon Roy is a rookie in the NBA and will have a good amount of sports cards. He is also affordable because he is not considered to be the best rookie of this season. So you an average person can afford to collect Brandon Roy Sports Cards without going bankrupt.

Another key to collecting Sports Cards is keeping them in good condition. My suggestion is keeping any card that sales above $10 in a penny sleeve and sports card top loader. Any card over $100 should be kept in a more rigid sports card holder. I also keep all of my personal collection in penny sleeves to protect the sports cards from dust scratches as well as dings.

If you would like to collect sports cards I would like to suggest a site like which is a large sports card forum that allows people to trade and collect.

By: Joseph Hughes