Sports Magnets

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Spots Magnets are magnets made of heavy gauge acrylic materials with multicolored graphics. Sports magnets are assessable in shapes corresponding to football, golf ball, basketball, volleyball etc. These magnets are so light weight and compact that they are capable of being easily exhibited on any metallic surface. You can display it on surfaces like desk, fridge, lockers, car etc. Since they are built of magnetic vinyl material which is weather resistant, they acquire long lasting properties and colors remain unfading for a long period.

Sports magnets are available in a vivid range of colors, sizes and shapes. The colors and stunning prints keep on dazzling weather displayed indoor or outdoors. These magnets are also available in assembled kits or packs. Associated magnets are flexible and can be easily arranged.

Sports magnets are widely used in the form of number plates and name plates in racing sports cars. They are designed and decorated with different team colors. Sometimes the logo of the racing driver is also printed. Most of them are officially licensed and made of heavy-duty PVC providing life lasting guarantee.

Interestingly, sports magnets are used by the athletes for therapeutic aids in the form of belts and bracelets, the magnets are attached within compressed forms.

Magnetic disc-raft used for disc-throw by athletes is also available in different weights and colors. They are designed to enable short distance shots since they are light weight. Powerful magnets are attached to the base of rednecks used by golf players so that it stands firmly without any support.

Sports magnets are used in boats and boating equipments like magnetic retrievals used to recover metallic objects that have fallen into water, in magnetic motors, magnetic clip belts, magnetic telescope etc.

Sports magnet again finds application in sports watches and electronic timer with count down settings.

By: Marcus Peterson