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Sports Motivation

April 7th, 2010

It is a well-known fact that success requires a great deal of patience and hard work. In order to achieve victory a sports person is required to practice and train every day. As such, they need to be suitably motivated. Lack of motivation may lead to a lax in their fitness routine.

People can be motivated in numerous ways. Researchers state that motivation is “a process through which a person makes use of available resources, time, talent, and energy, and distributes them in a way they choose.” This process is called the personal investment theory, and it includes a two-stage causal process. The first stage involves the effects of external factors and their influence on how an individual looks at a particular situation. In the second stage, the individual takes into consideration a personal investment in the situation. The personal investment involves an inner drive, a desire, or an intention an individual possesses as a reaction to external influences. Different athletes have different forms of motivation to keep them dedicate to a particular sport. It may be enjoyment, physical fitness, social relationships, or goal attainment.

There are two kinds of motivation that enables sportsmen to achieve a particular goal or task. The first type of extrinsic motivation in sports comes from external influences or people. People are extrinsically motivated to earn rewards, social recognition, or benefits. The second kind of intrinsic motivation is an inherent characteristic that feeds off one’s inner drive to accomplish a goal or objective.

Intrinsically motivated people focus on a task for their own sake. They have a sense of self-determination, and look upon themselves as being able to meet the demands of a particular task. With the introduction of the Internet, there have been a number of sites solely dedicated to providing information on sports motivation. These sites also publish a number of sports related articles and quotes intended to motivate sportspersons.

By: Richard Romando

Can Hypnotherapy for Sports Help Enhance Sports Performance? Yes, says Tiger Woods

April 3rd, 2010

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have come a long way from the primitive notions of it being related to mumbo-jumbo and sinister magicians. Today, the world is recognizing hypnotherapy for what it really is – a life changing force which allows you to conquer your mind. And we would all agree that our mind is indeed the greatest instrument we have to alter our life and to change its course towards success. In the recent years there has been a lot of speculation over hypnotherapy, and it has been found that one of the areas where it can really work for you is to improve your sports performance. If you are an athlete, or aspire to be a sport star; it would be an entirely wise decision to consider hypnotherapy for further honing your skills, and come up with one winning performance after the other. What’s more hypnotherapy in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire is now available at Terry Doherty’s clinic. A lot of athletes in the past and in the present swear by what hypnosis has done to their sporting performance, and how they have produced master strokes in every game they have played since they started practicing it. And no other sports person displays the brilliance of Hypnotherapy, than the Golf Maestro, Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods has acknowledged the fact that he turns to hypnotherapy to calm his mind and improve his focus before every game he plays. In fact he is said to have been practicing it ever since he was 13. Golf is a mind game, where each golfer has to think well in advance what shots he/she is going to play. Visualization techniques in hypnotherapy help a golfer do just that. It helps a player to go over the winning strokes in his mind over and over again, till the stroke – every muscle moved to create it, every angle in the body needed to achieve it, is instilled in the player’s mind. Hypnotherapy also helps in calming down the anxiety and nervousness that a player faces before any big game. The soothing effect and the calming quality of hypnotherapy go a long way in instilling a feeling of peace in the player’s psyche. And when a player is peaceful, his mind is uncluttered – that way he can give in his 100% to a shot. He can overlook all distractions, as his mind is completely focused on the perfect stroke. In his mind, he can visualize the next stroke and play it near precision – the results speak for themselves.

Tiger Woods has been quoted in the August 2001 issue of Golf Magazine saying, “I always have an inner peace on the golf course. I’ve learned to trust the subconscious, and my instincts have never lied to me.” Much of the credit for this inner peace and calm goes to the fact that he practices hypnosis at least once a week. Jay Brunza, is the clinical psychologist who has been working with Tiger Woods for a long time; it is he who introduced Woods to the tools of hypnotherapy, the ways to conquer one’s mind, and the methods for self-hypnosis. Jay Brunza taught Woods how to get himself into “the zone” at will. The zone which we are talking about here is a state of complete calm and focus, when a player can bring on his peak performance at will.

A player’s state of mind is a major player in the kind of game he/she has. If one is calm, relaxed and focused, the performance too will reflect the same mastery. In fact, the next time you watch Tiger Woods play, pay close attention to his face before he tees off. You will notice that his eyes open wide, and he blink twice. Its not that he can’t see clearly, it’s just a nugget of hypnotherapy he is using to ‘get into the zone’. It’s done on purpose, and his victories go a long way in telling us that this post-hypnotic trigger has affected his game more than we give it credit for. If you want to avail of hypnotherapy sessions for sports performance in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire, get in touch with Terry Doherty on [email protected]

By: Terry Doherty

Best Way to Get a Sports Sponsorship

March 24th, 2010

Sport sponsorships are becoming hugely popular as one of the best ways to create brand awareness, advertise one’s services, as well as reaffirm the company’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen in the business world. There are many ways by which a sports person or sporting club, or sporting team can win sponsorship deals that only just help to promote their sport, nurture their talent but also, provide them with the necessary funds to purchase equipment etc.

Pro-Launch companies helps individuals pursue their dreams to make it big in the sport of their choice, while giving them the necessary infrastructure support to stay in the game, and garner recognition. Of course, a pro-launch company helps deserving sports people get financial funding to achieve their goals. Needless to say some sports can get sponsorship easily, while others require slightly more hard work. But with a good pro-launch agency taking care of your affairs, you can be assured that you will be able to focus on becoming a better player, and chase your dream in a much more planned and peaceful manner knowing your interests are well taken care of by the experts.

Companies such as Coca Cola, PepsiCo allocate sponsorship budgets each year as part of the yearly budgeting process and sports sponsorship companies can help you get a piece of that sponsorship pie easily, as they know the market and its nitty-gritty’s.

Sport sponsors essentially require sports properties that can be valuable, effective, and make quantifiable contribution to their existing or planned advertising and marketing communication. However in order to achieve this objective, sponsors must be convinced that the sport or the sporting personality is a good fits with their brand’s personality and prefer a uniqueness that is specific to their brand in order to prevent any consumer confusion.

Every sponsor, typically, wants media mileage and sporting events give them just this. With several exciting opportunities for unique advertising from newspapers to television to radios to apparel and other merchandise, sponsors totally explore these mediums to create brand awareness and breed familiarity for their customers. A great way to penetrate the market, sponsors believe sport sponsorship is ideal for many other things as well including networking, creating their own image as a responsible business house, and of course, sometimes just for non-profit reasons.

Some of the things you need to ensure before opting for a pro-launch company include that the company:

- Provides you a plan to stay funded and stay in the sport

- Ensures that you have a support team

- Offers you advice and guidance to improve and become a complete and attractive package

- Helps you gain an edge and uniqueness

- Can help you gain sponsorship in your chosen sport, whichever it may be from golf, tennis, motor cross, boxing, to surfing, snow boarding, skiing, tri-athletics, track and field, baseball, basketball and others.

Finally, a pro-launch company must help you become a better player and should be able to give you the singular opportunity to chase and achieve your dream by simply concentrating on winning!

By: Hayi Mansoor