Wilderness Survival Gear: a Prerequisite to a Great Outdoor Adventure

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Many people are avid outdoor fanatic. If you belong to this type of people then you are aware of the thrill and excitement of wilderness trekking. Whether you participate in hiking, boating, camping, fishing, hunting, or some other activity, though, you need to make sure you bring the right equipment along. Going in the wilderness without wilderness survival gear may turn out to be more of a forgettable adventure than a fun adventure.

No matter what activity you are engaged in, there are a few important tools which you should not overlook. Firstly, you should not forget to bring a quality first aid kit with you. You never know what injuries you or a companion could sustain miles away from medical assistance. So include in your baggage bandages, antiseptics, braces and other important first aid materials. Secondly, bringing a quality knife in your wilderness adventure is a priority. A knife can serve several key purposes. Among other things, it can cut firewood, remove clothing from an injury, and help clear a path through the woods. For wilderness survival gear, one good option is a knife and hatchet combo. These tools are very handy, with the knife fitting into the hatchet’s handle, and can be easily holstered to your gear. Given these two items, you can respond better to precarious situations along the way.

Aside from these two necessities, other vital wilderness survival gear includes signaling devices, like flares and markers, that can help rescuers find you should you need help. A quality compass, by brands like Brunton and BCB, proves to be an indispensable tool when you are lost and need a guide for an alternate direction. Finally, for long-term outings, extra food and water rations are a must have. This includes water purification tools to ascertain potable water in the wilderness.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure you have the wilderness survival gear necessary to stay safe when enjoying the outdoors is to create a survival kit. You have the option to buy the items individually or take as one packaged set. Just be sure that the kit is complete with all the necessary components for your journey. The best wilderness survival gear kits will have items to keep you warm, healthy, and well-fed while signaling for help to arrive.

By: Adam Thompson

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